2016's Big Buck Contest is here!

big buck 2016I can't believe another summer has come and gone! Where did the time go? I know with the passing of summer, many of you have begun or are beginning the ritual of readying your gear for the coming deer hunting seasons and this year's returning Big Buck Contest! You are probably cleaning and repairing your rifles or shotguns, purchasing ammo, sighting in your optics, updating your hunting licenses, exercising your dogs, sharpening your knives, charging or adding batteries to your electronics, repairing or adding new tree stands, checking food plots, and reviewing your game cameras. So much to do ... but not a lot of time in which to do it!

Here at RedNex, we too are excited for the impending seasons. It means the start of our busiest time of the year. We enjoy hearing the stories, offering advice, and helping you with all of your hunting needs. It also means the start of one of our favorite contests - Big Buck!!

We've made a couple of changes this year to the contest:
  • We are partnering with online Facebook group Virginia Wall Hangers - (https://www.facebook.com/groups/244472535951834/ ) - A PLACE FOR HUNTERS TO POST PHOTOS OF THEIR VIRGINIA TROPHY DEER. BIG OR SMALL. IF IT'S A TROPHY TO YOU, IT'S A TROPHY TO US.
  • The contest will be open to anyone hunting in the state of Virginia
  • There is NO FEE!


  • Eligible hunters must be signed in by 7pm on the Friday before Opening Day for your method of hunting and the county in which you live.
    ---- Complete the signup form clicking here -->>
  • Visit https://www.dgif.virginia.gov/hunting/regulations/deer/ for information regarding the following VA Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) regulations:
  • -- Opening Day & Season dates
    -- Deer must be a whitetail buck killed during the general hunting season(s).
    -- Eligible bucks must be killed in the state of Virginia, in areas approved by VDGIF.
    -- Entries must be legal as defined by the VDGIF.
  • Bucks killed within a deer-proof fence or any other confined areas are not eligible to enter contest.
  • Bucks that were EVER kept inside a pen for breeding purposes or any other reason are NOT allowed.
  • Bucks that are tagged or tattooed breeding purposes are NOT allowed.
  • Bucks cannot have been raised in a fenced-in area and released. Bucks considered tame, domesticated or pet are NOT allowed.
  • Hunter must present valid hunting license and picture ID.


    • For measurement, the hunter must bring in the ENTIRE BODY of the field dressed animal to be measured.
    • Measurement must be made within 48 hours of kill and no later than 2pm on Monday, January 9, 2017.


    RedNex Sporting Goods, 1309 Tappahannock Blvd, Tappahannock, VA 22560


    Winners are decided by the total score according to the following point system:
    1. The total number of points.
      -- No points will be counted that are less than 1" in length, no rounding allowed.
    2. The width of the outside spread.
      --All measurements must be done from the main beam only.
    3. A total of the two longest tines off the main beam per side will be measured and scored.
      -- A total of four tines will be measured, two per side.


    • The total numeric score will be the sum of 1, 2, and 3 above. That is, the sum of the total points, the outside width, and the four longest tines (two per side) equals the total score for the buck.
    • Tiebreakers will be determined by the longest tine.
      -- In the case of a tie still remaining, the next longest tine of the four measured, and so forth, until a winner has been determined.


        • No points will be counted that are less than one (1") inch from its base.
        • All measurements are rounded off to the nearest 1/8 inch.
        • Broken points measuring less than the minimum length will not count.
        • If the main beam is broken, measurement will not include the detached portion of the antler.
        • If the main beams are movable, measurement will be made at the narrowest point when the antlers are held in.
        • Once measured, a buck cannot be measured by another person unless authorized by the contest committee.
        • In the case of a complete tie, winners will be chosen by a drawing between the hunters whose scores are tied.

        • Hunters attempting to cheat in the Big Buck Contest or violating Virginia Game Laws are disqualified and barred from entering this contest for a period of two (2) years.
        • No more than one prize will be awarded to any registered hunter. A hunter's second buck is valid only if it outscores first buck.
        • All decisions of the contest committee are final. No whining. Whiners will be disqualified.


        First and ONLY prize will be awarded for the buck with the highest score: