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The key to gun safety


The key to gun safety as with many other dangerous tools is education and training. While the first thought on guns is for defense, there are many ways to enjoy gun ownership. Many varieties of guns are used in tactical competitions, hunting, and target competitions.

The basic principles of firearms safety boil down to good common sense. Handle all firearms as if they were loaded. Keep them pointed in a safe direction. Keep your finger out of the trigger guard until you're ready to fire. Make certain that the target and surrounding area are safe.

Romi Klear with L3 Firearms Training offers a strong foundation of instruction, backed by first hand range experience to fully appreciate and understand the responsibilities of handling a firearm, as well as build confidence. Here are a few of the courses: NRA Basic Pistol, NRA FIRST Steps Pistol Orientation, NRA Basic Personal Protection Inside The Home, and NRA Basic Personal Protection Outside The Home.

Contact Romi to get started enjoying gun ownership. Call 757-553-0315 or email

Happy New Year from RedNex Sporting Goods!

We would like to thank you for a prosperous holiday season. The recent stir in gun legislation has created an unprecedented flood of business. We appreciate your patronage and customer support is our number one goal.

It is our mission to keep you informed of new products and reviews, laws and regulations regarding firearms, upcoming training classes and store specials. Throughout the year we will be introducing new lines of merchandise to help you meet any conceivable shooting need. Look for a used inventory listing posted to our site. Sign up and follow us on Facebook as we regularly have specials not posted to the website.

Thanks again from entire staff at RedNex Sporting Goods.

Celebrating Father’s Day from now until the end of July!

At RedNex we are celebrating Father’s Day from now until the end of July with a special sale. We are offering our FNAR’s at below cost! For $1,300.00 you can outfit Dad (or yourself) with a tactical tack driver that will leave both Zombies and varmints running for cover! Take a look at this Black Beauty! The heavy barrel version of the FNAR is chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO (308 Winchester) and features an ambidextrous magazine release and 20" cold hammer-forged MIL-SPEC fluted barrel with hard-chromed bore and target crown. A one-piece, receiver-mounted MIL-STD 1913 optical rail comes standard, along with a trio of similar accessory rails attached to the adjustable synthetic stock’s fore-end for mounting a battery of tactical lights and lasers. Models with 10- or 20-round detachable steel box magazines (DBM) are available. Read more

Hornady’s .22 WMR Critical Defense

In the past couple of years lots of developments have been made in the firearms industry. Perhaps the most notable of those developments was the .380 craze that struck two or three years ago. Small guns are in as people who have never owned a firearm begin to carry for personal protection. Lots of these folks buy a big honkin’ bullet thrower only to find out in short order that big guns tend to be heavy and difficult to carry concealed. They then beat a path toward smaller guns. Until recently that often proved to be a problem because the selection of small guns appropriate for concealed carry was limited and just as importantly appropriate ammunition for these guns was non-existent.

Hornady’s Critical Defense line of ammunition is a premium selection of gas for your gun that will put a smile on your face even as it leaves bad guys with lots of frowns. Hornady’s latest release (in its Critical Defense line) is its offering in .22 WMR. Defensive ammo expressly made for a .22 rimfire? Yup. While I would never counsel anyone to go with the .22 Magnum as their principal defensive round it does make for a dandy deep concealment piece. I often call these firearms, “get off me guns” and get off you they will when you employ .22 WMR Critical Defense in your short barreled pepper popper.

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Hoppes Gun Grease

All things old are new again.  Sometimes the tried and true methods are the best.  Such is the case with protecting your firearm when it won’t be used for a protracted period of time.  I’ve used Hoppes Gun Grease for decades and it works as well today as it did back in the 60’s.

In Virginia’s humid climate it’s best to keep your firearms in a climate and humidity controlled environment.  Proper cleaning after each use and handling helps prevent problems too even when storage in a climate controlled environment is possible.

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The Itty Bitty

A few years ago we (in the gun industry) went through the .380 ACP craze.  Driven primarily by developments in bullet design and ballistics the .380 Auto was suddenly taken from the realm of “mouse gun” to the exalted status of a serious defensive shootin’ iron.  The .380 got so popular that ammunition was scarce for well over a year and prices were as dear as fresh tomatoes in February.

Recently however there has been another development in the .380 story.  Taurus Inc. of Miami, FL. has introduced a new .380.  While these days just another .380 could easily elicit yawns this new entry is very interesting.  It isn’t interesting because of the chambering so much as the platform.  This new .380 is a revolver!  That’s right; the .380 Auto now has a revolver chambered for it!

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Get Involved

We've all heard the oft chanted mantra "Get Involved" over and over.  In the past it has been a good idea to get involved but now it is more important than that.  Today it is an absolute necessity. The fact that the U.S. is nearly evenly politically divided is important for us to understand.  A recent poll put the American electorate at 47% vs. 47%.  That means that a mere 6% of voters will decide our nation's direction in November and over the next several years.  That is alarming to me!  As alarming as it is to me I've heard many others say that they aren't at all concerned.  They reason that everyone they know is going to vote for the candidate of freedom and self-determination. Read more