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Value vs Price

For better or worse, mostly worse, America has become a nation of “big box”, mega retailers or online giants, like Amazon. Think about where you bought most of the products you own. Were they bought at a small independent business or at a big box store? Unfortunately, in many cases, we don’t even have a choice where we buy something because many of the small, independently owned businesses are gone.

While there is a great deal of convenience in being able to make all of our purchases from only one or two places, it’s not always better. Have you ever been to one of these giant stores and felt like no one there cares one iota about your needs? Have you ever wanted to pull your hair out trying to resolve a problem over the phone because of an issue you had with an internet purchase? I know I have.

The gun industry is largely moving in that direction, and it is very unfortunate. There are many online gun retailers where people can find the cheapest prices on firearms and accessories and there’s at least one “big box” sporting goods store in almost every city in the country. While we try to remain competitive in our pricing, sometimes we can match their prices and sometimes we can’t. Without naming any names, compare our prices to the prices at the large firearms retailers in the Richmond area and you’ll see that we are very competitive. Shop locally and you'll also save time and gas!

As for internet retailers who undercut everyone, they can do so because they do not have to dedicate a single cent to customer service. But we have a solution for that too. RedNex now has an online store that offers prices very close to many of the other internet stores. (Click here to Shop Online) If you do decide to purchase a gun from our online store you won’t get the warranty, discount and free gun cleaning package that you receive when purchasing a gun in store, but you will receive the same level of customer service when you come to pick up your new firearm, accessory or ammunition.

Competitive pricing is not the only thing we offer. RedNex has something that online stores and big box retailers cannot and will not ever be able to compete with – customer service provided by a knowledgeable staff that cares about your needs. We want everyone to be satisfied with every purchase they make here and we want you to know that YOU MATTER TO US! I am grateful for each and every customer that walks through our doors, and I want to thank all of you personally for continuing to do business with us.

For those that do not shop with us, we hope to earn your business and I promise that if you give us a chance we will provide you with the best personal customer service, bar none. Big box/ online retailers can’t offer this. Have an issue with a gun you bought from a big box store or on line retailer? You’re out of luck. At best you have a big headache awaiting you. Buy it from us and have an issue? - In many cases we can have it resolved while you have a cup of coffee, and we often do it at no cost to you.

While we continue to strive to be competitive, we are forced to take a stand. Going forward, RedNex will no longer be the transfer agent for current production firearms from any other retailer as long as it is a product that we are able to provide for you. We will of course continue to transfer used firearms and collector’s guns, as well as hard to get items that we can’t find for you. Our knowledgeable staff is the best at what we do, and I am confident that you will be pleased with the level of service we provide. If we don't have the item you are looking for in the store, we can either order it for you, or you can order online. (Click here to Shop Online) In many cases, except for firearms, your purchase ships right to your door. Give us a try, you won’t be disappointed.


Gun Stuff 101

This is the first, of what I hope to be many, short posts, loosely based on commonly asked questions we get here in the store. If you think of a topic you’d like me to address, feel free to drop me a line. - Josh

Benelli vs Stoeger 3500

Benelli SBEii

Benelli SBEii

Stoeger 3500

Stoeger 3500

There are some customers who know a good bit about shotguns, and teach us a few things. And then there are some that couldn’t tell you the first thing about them, and come to the store to get a better understanding. That's why we are here. To help. To educate our customers to give them the information they need to make a decision about their next firearm purchase.

A common question we've had over the past several years, “Is the Stoeger 3500 just a cheaper Benelli? What is the difference?” So here’s a brief explanation.

Benelli bought Stoeger about 10 years ago because their Model 2000 was very similar in operation to Benelli’s self-loaders and it was cheaper/easier to buy the company than to fight it out in court over who had the rights to use that system. That “operation” is what Benelli calls “Inertia Driven,” and it is actually a type of recoil operated gun. Auto or self-loading shotguns are either recoil operated or gas operated.

So, Benellis and Stoegers are similar in how they operate, and Benelli owns Stoeger (and Beretta owns Benelli), but they aren’t the same gun.

For starters, Benellis are Italian-made and Stoegers are Turkish-made. The parts are totally different and the manufacturing process is different. Most of the Benelli autos we sell have “Crio Systems” barrels, where Benelli cryogenically freezes the barrels of the SBEIIs, Super Vincis, Vincis and M2 field guns which relieves the stress from the high heat, hammer forging process. Benelli claims it creates a smoother surface and helps put more pellets on target. Those same models mentioned above also have a type of recoil reduction stock – the “Comfort Tech” system.

Benellis also generally come with a hard plastic case and five choke tubes instead of the cardboard box and three choke tubes that are standard with the Stoegers – not that the plastic boxes are actually a selling point though …

So all of those factors contribute to Benellis being more expensive, and quite frankly they are a better quality gun – but the Stoegers are NOT junk. They are a good shotgun for the money. They cycle a variety of loads, and can be used for any type of shotgun hunting.

You’ll get the same customer service with your $700 Stoeger as you will with your $1700 Benelli. And as for repairs and turnaround time, I’d say they do a pretty good job. So if a Stoeger is in your budget, buy a Stoeger, it’s a great value. If you have the budget for a Benelli, buy a Benelli, it’s a great value.