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At RedNex we offer both onsite and offsite gun care. Our gunsmith (John “The Hammer” Currie) and staff provide an array of services in our shop.

OnSite services include:

  • Installing sights
  • Mounting Scopes
  • Bore Sighting
  • Cleaning and Lubing all guns
  • General Repairs of rifles, pistols, and muzzleloaders
  • Spray and bake on gun finishes
  • Chamber casts
  • Removing “live rounds” from chambers
  • Removing fouling
  • Install and adjust custom triggers
  • Wood Finishing
  • Glass Bedding of barrels and actions
  • Fitting recoil pads
  • Fitting slings

RedNex does not perform milling, lathe work, hot bluing, custom choke tubes, or barrel work on site.

Our off site gunsmithing is provided by RYLIN TACTICAL GUNSMITH SERVICE (shipping required).

OffSite services include:

  • Revolver Action Jobs
  • Revolver Reliability Package
  • AR-15/M4 Reliability Package
  • Custom Bolt Gun Services
  • Glock/XD/XDM Action Jobs
  • 1911 Tune and Service
  • Laser Engraving

"RedNex Sporting Goods adjusted the trigger pull on my 45 and now I'm shooting a lot tighter pattern, great job RedNex Sporting Goods!"

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